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docial is a dedicated study network from AcrossPG. docial looks like doc+ial = doc social or social network for doctors (suggest a better name for docial). docial is developed from the need of a dedicated platform for PG entrance preparing medicos, for discussion and collaboration among peers and prepare better for competitive exams.


Few Important features of docial.

  • Invite and make friends with other doctors preparing for PG entrance exam.
  • Make Public, Private or personal groups to share among friends.
  • Get daily Image based MCQs and useful medical notes.
  • More and more features added very day.


Why docial, another social network for doctors?

Internet has become a important part for the preparation of PG entrance exams preparation, with newer and more complex questions coming in various exams. It also helps in connecting students from across the country to discuss with each other and with groups. Facebook is the best and largest social network in the world, and for some time, facebook is also serving a great platform for medical students to share and study in groups. But still many feel like facebook is a distraction because how much to try to stick to study on facebook, everyone tend to look into other things and status updates from family and friends which sometimes waste a lot of time unexpectedly.

Therefore we are trying to develop a dedicated study network where medicos can interact with each other for exam preparation and exchange useful knowledge while keeping all other distractions at bay.


We need your help!!

docial is a effort from AcrossPG to connect medical students from across India to study and share. It is still in its nascent phase and we need your help in improving it. We request all the users to help us and provide valuable feedback by contacting us via CONTACT FORM