Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

Characteristics of discharge for important causes of abnormal vaginal discharge

Infective organism Colour Consistency Odour pH (normal 4–4.7) Associated symptoms

Candida albicans White Thick (cream cheese) None 4 Itch, soreness, redness

Trichomonas vaginalis Yellow-green Bubbly, profuse (mucopurulent) Malodorous, fishy 5–6 Soreness

Bacterial vaginosis Grey Watery, profuse, bubbly Malodorous, fishy 5–6 Irritation (sometimes)

Cervicitis Yellow-green (coming from cervix) Thick (mucopurulent) Variable—usually malodorous 4–4.7 Signs of PID

Clue Cells Seen in bacterial Vaginosis


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