This agreement was written in English (US). To the extent any translated version of this agreement conflicts with the English version, the English version controls.

Date of Last Revision: 15th June 2016





A. General Terms of Use of AcrossPG Websites.


  • The Sites means any website and portals under domain (and subdomains) of acrosspg.com.
  • Users means visitors and members and paid subscribers of websites.


  1. AcrossPG Websites and Portals are made specifically for the use of Medical and Paramedical students and Professionals only. The content may not be suitable for the use of non-medical users.
  2. Any medical content available on The Sites are for informational purpose only and not intended as a medical advice. The content should not be used as medical advice for any kind of health condition and as a substitute to Doctor’s Advice.
  3. The medical notes and notifications are provided for the benefit of students, yet the students are adviced to check the authenticity of any material shared on the site.
  4. For all legal matters the area of jurisdiction will be Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India.
  5. This license shall automatically terminate if you violate any of these restrictions and may be terminated by AcrossPG at any time. Upon terminating your viewing of these materials or upon the termination of this license, you must destroy any downloaded materials in your possession whether in electronic or printed format.


B. Disclaimers

  1. This clause provides General Disclaimer for all the sites (Domains and Sub domains) of AcrossPG.com
  2. Site specific disclaimers if any are present on the respective sites of AcrossPG.

Disclaimer About the Various Notifications Posted on AcrossPG sites.

    1. Notifications about the forms and results of various PG entrance exams like AIIMS, NEET, PGI and other institutes are posted on AcrossPG Group of sites like www.exams.acrosspg.com, and other websites under domain of acrosspg.com.
    2. AcrossPG in any way is not associated with any of the Institutions like AIIMS, NBE, PGI and various other Educational or Medical Institutions present in India or outside India. AcrossPG is independent website.
    3. The notifications etc available on any of the websites associated with AcrossPG are for informational purposes only for benefit of Medical and Paramedical students.
    4. AcrossPG Team try the best to provide the most accurate and updated information for doctors. But it is advised that no final decision should be made by the visitors solely on the basis of information on the sites and they are advised to always check the notifications on the official websites of respective institutions. AcrossPG does not guarantee 100% authenticity of the information available. The information can be changed by the respective institutions which might not be updated on our websites. We will not be responsible for any such changes.


Disclaimer About the Information (‘Content’) available on AcrossPG sites.

    1. Sites related to AcrossPG are specifically designed and meant to be used by Medical Students, Medical Proffesional and Paramedical Professionals.
    2. The material available on the AcrossPG sites are not meant for non medical people.
    3. The contents of the AcrossPG Sites, such as text, graphics, images, and other material contained on the AcrossPG Sites (“Content”) are for informational purposes only. The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on the AcrossPG.
    4. The Site may contain health- or medical-related materials that are sexually explicit. If you find these materials offensive, you may not want to use our Site. The Site and the Content are provided on an “as is” basis.


Disclaimer about downloadable material (‘Downloads’) available on AcrossPG sites.

    1. AcrossPG does not hold the copyrights of any material categorised as downloads untill and unless the copyrights of AcrossPG are mentioned inside the document downloaded from the sites. All such copyrights are with the owners of the material. If in case availability of the content on acrosspg infringes your comyrights please contact us at [email protected] or info[@]acrosspg.com with suitable details and the content will be removed from the acrosspg sites.
    2. AcrossPG is not responsible for any content which is not directly hosted on acrosspg.com and acrosspg.info domains and its servers.
    3. AcrossPG is a social site, and AcrossPG cannot be held responsible for the material posted by the members of AcrossPG.  If any of such material or link to such material falls under your copyrights please contact [email protected] and the content will be removed within 3 working days.


C. AcrossPG docial Terms of Service (TOS)

  • AcrossPG docial is the social networking platform for medicos and doctors.
  • The following terms of service applies to the usage of docial.  These are in addition to above mentioned terms. These terms are based on general common sense.
  • It is your responsibility to keep yourself updated about any change in these terms of service as they can be updated without any notice.



These are the most important rules, violation of which might lead to an immediate ban, without prior warning.

    1. Civil behaviour at all places of website at all times.
    2. No sharing of any copyright content, which you are not permitted to share.
    3. The primary language should be English for posting any content. You should avoid using any other language.
    4. No adult or explicit content is allowed on the website even in private conversations.
    5. Sharing of Personal information including phone numbers and address is not allowed on public areas on the website.


C. I. Registration and Participation

1. Registration: Registration and use of docial is restricted to people above 18 yrs of age and related to medical of allied fields.

1.1.    Most of the parts of docial require you to register on the site to use it. This is compulsory for all. All registration requires a valid email ID where the confirmation link will be sent.

1.2.    You can choose your username of your choice based on availability. Inappropriate (inflammatory, vulgar, promotional, long and or rude) usernames are not allowed and will be removed by the docial staff without prior notice.

1.3.    You will not provide any false information on docial, or create an account for anyone other (impersonation of others) than yourself.

1.4.    You will not create more than one personal account.

1.5.    You will not use your account primarily for commercial gain and promotional activity of any kind without prior permission from docial staff.

2. Posting

 2.1.    Posting at appropriate place – members can post relevant content and posts in a forum, and Groups and activity. It is expected of all members to post content at relevant places of forums and groups.

2.2.    The primary language of docial is English. You are expected to post only in English language. Any non-English language posts should be accompanied by a translation of the same.

2.3.    Post title should be descriptive enough to give an indication of the content of the post e.g. if you are asking a nagging question, the title should contain the words indicating the subject area of the question and a word about the specific topic.

2.4.    Post title should not contain special characters like (but not limited to) html coding, bbcode, /,#,{,~,*,$ etc.

2.5.    Post titles and post content should never contain the following:

      • Brand names or trademarks, For example names of coaching institutes, title of books or publishers etc.
      • Name of a person where explicit consent has not been obtained. For examples names of the authors of popular books.
      • Contact information and personal details in the public areas of the website. e.g. phone numbers, whatsapp numbers, or any others. It is ok to share such information in private messages.

2.6.    Multiple identical posts: While it might be tempting to make same post across several groups and forums to attract more eyeballs, it creates confusion and inconvenience by burying other useful posts. This type of behaviour is considered spamming and appropriate action (warnings, temporary or permanent bans depending on severity.

2.7.    Adult content: AcrossPG strictly prohibit posting of any kind of adult and sexually explicit content. Links or pictures to adult content, pages with links to adult content, near adult content, any pictures of models, actors and actresses are not allowed and will be removed as soon as possible or when they are reported. Any discussion of those are not allowed. Posting of adult material will lead to permanent ban immediately.

2.8.    Netiquette – We believe that doctors do not need reminding of the rules of civil behaviour and etiquette, which apply in online world as much they do in the real world. However if you need an authoritative reference to look up for any specific guidance on online behaviour, please visit http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc1855

2.9.    We would not usually remove any discussion on personal request if it has been posted into by any other docial member and the thread does not violate docial Terms of service. This is because the groups or forum discussion threads, once posted into by others, become collective property. This is important as it means that deletion of your docial account does not mean an automatic deletion of discussion threads started by you. However if you have genuine reasons for the removal of a thread, please do not hesitate to explain them to us.

2.10. Reviews – AcrossPG welcomes honest reviews of educational materials, books and courses. However to prevent misuse of docial for covert advertising, we do not allow members with less than 20 valid posts to post reviews. Please do not get offended if your post is removed without warning for not following this guidance.

2.11.Respect for others

2.11.1.    You are always expected to be respectful of other members, the system, the policies, terms of service, the staff, the moderators and the administrators.

2.11.2.    Disrespect to any existing or ex-member, people enumerated in clause 2.11.1 or any other person or public figure are not tolerated and such posts will be removed on first instance. The poster of such a message might be banned forever along with the IP address and email depending on the seriousness of the act. In very serious acts of disrespect AcrossPG might take proactive actions like (but not limited to) a formal complaint with local relevant authorities or legal measures. AcrossPG is serious about issues of disrespect and do enforce this clause strictly.

2.12. Signatures: Inappropriate, commercialised, offensive signatures will be edited at first notice. The staff’s decision will be final on this aspect and it can not be discussed in public forums.

2.13. Avatars: Inappropriate, commercialised, offensive, gory, explicit, vulgar or large avatars will be removed at first notice. The staff’s decision will be final on this aspect and it cannot be discussed in public forums.

2.14. Links

2.14.1.    Affiliate based URLs are not allowed anywhere in docial including all the forums. Special permissions can be granted to moderators, and very active contributors to use appropriate affiliate link with prior permission from AcrossPG staff in special circumstances.

2.14.2.    Posting links to any website (other than those in AcrossPG network) is a deemed violation of AcrossPG TOS and appropriate action will be taken against the member.

2.14.3.    If you want to cite any content on such websites, please summarise it in your own words and post it. If you want to mention the source, mention it by name and not by link e.g. timesofindia.com should be mentioned as Times of India and not otherwise.

2.14.4.    Posting links to online and offline coaching institutes, links to Publisher’s websites or links to buy books etc online are not allowed in docial and other parts of AcrossPG.


2.15.1.    There is no restriction on sharing URLs of educational institutions.

2.15.2.    Posting links to abstracts of various indexed journals are allowed. Although posting links to full texts of paid journals are not allowed in public areas of forum.

2.15.3.    There is no restriction on moderators, staff or administrators posting links to an external website. However, if you feel that a staff member or moderator is abusing this privilege, you are welcome to report it to us within the terms.


C.II. AcrossPG Rights.

 1. Moderation in forums

1.1.     All parts of docial are fully moderated in accordance with our policy of “managed community”.

1.2.     Discussions about staff, moderator or administrator actions are welcome in private messages or support emails, but should not be discussed in public areas or elsewhere. This is out of respect for the members and moderators or policy involved.

1.3.     Periodically the Moderators of docial will post his or her comments, but they may not necessarily reflect the opinions of AcrossPG or docial or its employees.

2. Right to edit

2.1.    We (staff or moderators) reserve an exclusive right to edit any post in a way we feel is appropriate. Usually this this done for greater common benefit of the community or for making your post more relevant. Most of the reasons for editing your post are being enumerated below:

The following list is indicative and not exhaustive.

a)      To make the post title more descriptive. This include adding tags like “FAQ”, “Library”, “Tips” etc. to the existing title in order to classify the posts.

b)      To remove disallowed characters in title or inappropriate words in posts, in the way staff or moderators deems fit.

c)       Because your posting may be more relevant to another on-going discussion, or it might cover a topic already discussed, it may be moved as staff or moderators sees fit.

d)      Because your post might duplicate an existing discussion or if the moderators or staff feels appropriate, it might be merged with another existing thread with or without any notice. This usually done for greater common benefit and not indiscriminately.

e)      docial is not a place for direct or indirect advertisements. It will be the sole discretion of docial staff and its moderators as to what constitutes an advertisement. All posts presumed to be overt or subliminal advertisements will be removed.

f)       Claims of action, flames, and calls to action against any group, government, company or individual are removed on first notice.

3. Rights of content and licence

3.1.    Rights to content: AcrossPG docial is a community websites where the content is generated by the members of community. The members (You) are the primary owner of the content and information you post on docial, and you can control how it is shared across docial. Our current licence allows authors to use their own articles/posts for their own “non-commercial” purposes without seeking permission.

3.2.    For content that is covered by intellectual property rights, like photos and videos, you specifically give us the following permission: you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any that you post on or in connection to AcrossPG docial.

3.3.    When you publish content or information using the Public setting, it means that you are allowing everyone, including people off of docial, to access and use that information, and to associate it with you (i.e., your name and profile picture).

3.4.    AcrossPG contain user generated material. Therefore it is fair that we ban any commercial use of any material posted in docial and license the content under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license (CC BY-NC-SA). This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon forum content non-commercially, as long as AcrossPG website is credited and the new creations are licensed under the identical terms.

3.5.    AcrossPG reserves the right to use the content including text, images or videos for non-commercial or commercial activities. Examples of commercial use include, but are not limited to: use in any material in any form that eventually requires users to pay for access, use in books, course notes, classroom coaching, copying on other websites that carry advertising etc

3.6.    We always appreciate your feedback or other suggestions about AcrossPG, but you understand that we may use them without any obligation to compensate you for them (just as you have no obligation to offer them).


C.III. Usage of content

    1. You can not copy and retransmit any information out of any part of docial if you are accessing it in violation of our general terms of service (i.e. you are not a medical/dental student or a doctor/dentist).


C.IV. Abuse

    1. As a beneficiary from the system, we expect you to report to us any instance of abuse or TOS violation anywhere in docial.
    2. If you are a victim of the abuse, you can contact us and report it. We assure swift and satisfying action on any abuse reports.
    3. You can contact us at email id [email protected] for any abuse related matter.


C.V. Non compete clause

1. By using AcrossPG docial you agree that you would not get involved in activities which would pose any commercial or non commercial competition to AcrossPG website. This can include, but not limited to, setting up a similar service, promoting your service by using docial user generated content, posting links to your or other similar services. You are not allowed to use docial if you do not agree with this clause.


AcrossPG reserves the right to change its Privacy Policy and Disclaimers anytime. You are adviced to visit this page to keep updated on the Policies.


D. Terms for products available on AcrossPG Store

1. AcrossPG Product Store is a part of AcrossPG where we list products useful for Medical students in various ways, which may include books, mobiles and other electronic and non electronic products.

2. All the products listed on AcrossPG Store are not sold directly by AcrossPG. Some products are sold on behalf of third parties and some products are just listed and sold via different e-commerce sites like Flipkart and Amazon.

3. For most of the product we sell directly we use the services of Instamojo.com


D.I. Terms for Products which are just listed on AcrossPG and not sold directly.

  • AcrossPG will not be responsible for payments, shipping and any other issues related to purchase of that product.
  • The users should exercise caution in buying that item from the e commerce website like flipkart.com and amazon.in.


D.II. For products sold on behalf of third parties.

  • In the event where the product is sold in AcrossPG store on behalf of third parties, the liability of acrosspg will be limited to delivery of physically undamaged product.
  • AcrossPG will not be responsible for the quality of content, its price and other matters.
  • The payment and refunds related to such products are handled by third party and AcrossPG will not be responsible for the same.

D.III. For products are sold directly by AcrossPG

  • AcrossPG may sell products related to medical field and useful for medicos (& Doctors), which include study material developed by AcrossPG team and resell of products purchased by other parties.
  • Payments: We accept online payments by online service Instamojo.com. All credit cards, debit cards and internet banking transactions are processed by instamojo.com and not by acrosspg.com. Read instamojo.com’s terms and privacy for more details.
  • Other offline payment methods are via NEFT transfer and via wallet services.
  • AcrossPG.com does not ask for and store any payment information of users and members. All users and members are advised not to include any sensitive payment information openly on the site.


D.IV Delivery of Products

  • This is applicable to products sold directly by AcrossPG and via third parties.
  • The products are dispatched within 48 working hours after the payment is received by AcrossPG.
  • The products are send by courier service primararily. In case the buyer’s address is not serviced by courier company, the parcel is sent by Speed Post of Indian postal service.
  • We try our best to get the item delivered within stipulated time depending upon the location of the buyer.
  • AcrossPG will not be responsible for delay in delivery due to reasons beyond its control which is not limited to natural calamities, accidents etc.
  • Providing the correct address with correct pin code and Mobile number is the responsibility of buyer and AcrossPG is not responsible for any delay pertaining to this.
  • In case of wrong address provided by the buyer and the product is dispatched to that provided address, the buyer will be responsible for the extra charges applicable and those charges will be borne by the buyer.


E. Refund Policy

  • The refund is only entertained where AcrossPG receives payments directly. In case where the payments are made via AcrossPG Store to third parties, we can only help to get refund, but no guarantee can be made in that case.

E.I Refund in case of Physical Products

  • Refund can be requested before the product is shipped to the buyers address. To claim for refund, buyers may contact us via email ([email protected]) or via Contact Us form.
  • In case of requested refund before the dispatch of product, customer has to bear the transaction and processing charges of 15% of the payment. 85% of the payment will be refunded.
  • No refund is entertained after the product is shipped to the Address. After shipment, only exchange request is entertained limited to defective product only.
  • In special circumstances where a buyer seeks refund after the shipment of product, the charges of Rs. 60 for courier charges and 10% processing fees will be borne by the customer. The product has to be send back to the address mentioned by AcrossPG by the customer on his/her own expense. The refund after above deductions will be processed after receipt of the product by AcrossPG.

E.II Refund in case of Digital Products

  • In case of digital products for example ebooks, no refund will be entertained after the purchase is being made and the digital product is delivered to user’s emails. (Please note that no refund of digital product is made because of no possibility of return of the product by the user)

E.III Refund of Membership Subscription fees

  • For membership subscription fees (other than donation and financial contribution), the refund can be claimed only before the Membership access is activated from AcrossPG Side.
  • Once the membership is activated, no refund request will be entertained.
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