Hematology image based MCQ based on Harrison’s Medicine

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Q. For each question choose the most likely peripheral blood smear: (See above Figure)

1. A 22-year-old man with a hematocrit of 17%. He has sickle cell disease and is admitted with a vaso-occlusive crisis after an upper respiratory illness.

2. A 55-year-old man with a hematocrit of 28%. He has advanced alcoholic liver disease with cirrhosis and is awaiting liver transplantation.

3. A 64-year-old woman with a hematocrit of 28%. She has heme-positive stool and a 2-cm adenomatous colonic polyp at colonoscopy.

4. A 72-year-old man a hematocrit of 33%. Four years ago, he received a mechanical prosthetic aortic valve because of aortic stenosis caused by a congenital bicuspid valve.
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