AcrossPG Club Details

AcrossPG Club Membership:

(Membership Subscription Rs. 350 for 1 year)


Purpose: This membership is introduced to fund expenses for hosting and maintenance of AcrossPG websites. We spend around Rs. 25000 for maintaining websites every year. With the collection from this we will be able to sustain for a long time.


Subscription Charges: The subscription charges is kept at a very minimum of Rs. 350 per year that means less than Re 1 per day. You can contribute more than Rs 350 if you feel to contribute more. The subscription is not refundable as it is considered in a way of humble donation to


Benefits: The members who are willing to subscribe for this membership will get the following additional benefits.

  1. Access to Image based tests (MCQs) and Practice tests based on new pattern with detailed explanations. We will post tests frequently. Around 8-10 tests per year,.
  2. Free download of most study material and PG entrance ebooks released by AcrossPG from time to time and 50% discount on few PG entrance ebooks published by AcrossPG.
  3. Access to regular posts containing High Yield Topics from all subjects for new trend PGMEE.
  4. Access to a lot of standard medical textbooks and PG entrance preparation books (digital version) {This is still under process and actual date of availability is not confirmed. Please mail us at [email protected] for more details on this}
  5. A lot more to come…


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