Best PG Coaching 2014 – Survey Result

Best PG Coaching 2014 Survey Results

A month back we started a survey to search for the best coaching centre in India for PG Entrance Exams. Rather than just asking the name of coaching centre, we asked, the participants a few questions regarding various aspects of PG entrance coaching, to determine which coaching excels. This survey is in line with the survey we conducted in Dec 2012. We got a few changes since the last time.


Here are the highlights of the survey.

  • The survey ran for around two months to collect sufficient data so as to improve the results.
  • We received many votes (more than few thousand) in the survey, from various areas of the country.
  • Students of Received votes for various PG Coaching Institutes including online PG institutes from across the country. In addition to the 4 names we included directly in our survey, we got votes for PG-DIAMS, TMCAA, MIMS Calicut, etc.
  • Many students were in favour that rigorous self-study is important to conquer the new pattern of examination (multiple sessions) and coaching is useful only with self-study.

How the result is calculated?

  • We have calculated the results by counting votes from only unique IPs to remove bias from multiple votes casting.
  • An effective score is calculated institute-wise from the total votes submitted. This is to remove any bias occurred due to difference in number of votes for each institute.
  • The effective scores are then compared under various categories and then a final score is calculated for each coaching institute.


The changes as compared to 2012 survey are:

  • Satellite courses are getting popular.
  • More and more students are giving more preference to better and updated study material due to changed pattern of exams.

The result is:

  • DAMS scored the best.
  • IAMS is much lower as compared to before (we even got very few votes for it).
  • TMCAA is addition this time.

best coaching 2014 - 1

##There were votes for some other coaching centers including online only coaching centers, but the votes are very less to be able to include in the final result.

Also look at the most popular type of course in different coaching centers. Satellite courses are gaining popularity.

#We only included DAMS and Bhatia here because for other centers have not sufficient votes for coaching other than regular classroom to be compared.

DAMS regular course is the most popular within various DAMS courses and also overall among all coaching centers. DAMS satellite courses are gaining good popularity too.

popular course dams


Bhatia’s regular course are loosing popularity as compared to other courses. Test series of Bhatia is still going strong.

popular course bhatia



###The results here and opinion are purely based on the votes and comments received from our survey help in Dec 2014 on our website. This post is not influenced by any personal views.

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