Fried egg appearance in medicine

“Fried egg appearance is common MCQ , which is asked in different entrance exam.

The appearance is name given to the visual which appear like fried egg or to say half fried egg, with yolk in the center and fried egg white in the periphery.

Different examples of Fried egg appearance are as follows.

  1. Seminoma testes :- The cells in seminoma testes (classic seminomas) appear as fried egg. The nucleus is round and located in the center with clear cytoplasm and a distinctive cell border. (Note that, this appearance is not seen in spermatocytic seminoma)

2. Oligodendroglioma :- High-power light microscopic appearance of oligodendroglioms, in which cleared cytoplasm surrounds a large central nucleus, a finding regarded as an artefact due to slow fixation; a similar finding may rarely occur in astrocytomas.

3. Hairy Cell Leukemia :- A descriptive term for the appearance of the neoplastic cells in the bone marrow in hairy cell leukaemia.

4. Mycoplasma colony :- A descriptive term for the colony morphology of Mycoplasma hominis and M pneumonia on Shepherd’s differential growth medium, where the growth occurs in 2 planes, both deep to and on the surface of the agar; M hominis is further characterized by its ability to use arginine.

Other possible Fried egg appearance are

  1. Yarsenia pestis
  2. Multiple Myeloma.

But these do not show classical appearance so if none of the above are present in options, these can also be considered.

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