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Why advertise directly on AcrossPG: Since NBE has announced DNB and NEET as computer based exams, this increased the overall online time spent by medicos. So online advertising now play a important role for promotion of Courses, test series and Institutions. All the websites are regularly updated on daily basis.
Benefits of direct advertising on AcrossPG
  1. Acrosspg has affordable customised monthly/quarterly/half-yearly advertising plans. 
  2. At all sites or acrosspg the web traffic is highly targeted means almost all the visitors are students preparing for their PG entrance exams.
Please note:
  1. We can accept advt related to products and services useful for doctors and medical students only.
  2. We accept advt of ONLY non intrusive nature, which does not decrease user experience.
  3. We do not sell any of the data related to our website users and members. (This is against our Privacy Policy)
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