Ophthalmology Mini Test – Cornea



Features of the Mini Practice Test:

  • This is a small practice test with 10 MCQs from the Cornea topic from subject Ophthalmology.
  • You can attempt the test only 1 time. And you need to be registered with AcrossPG. If you are not already registered REGISTER HERE
  • The corect answers will be shown on submission of the test.
  • The result will be displayed on the correct answer page.
  • The MCQs with answers with short explanation will be available in docial group and discuss.


If you have doubt in any question or you wanna discuss the questions you can do any of the following:


Ophthalmology Mini Test - Cornea

Ophthalmology Mini Test – Cornea.

This is a practice test containing 10 MCQs from topic Cornea in Ophthalmology and the time limit is 8 min.
You will be able to take the test only one time and will receive the result via email at the end of the test.

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