Relief for In service PG aspirants, MCI adds RURAL for incentive

Good NEWS for thousand of In service PG aspirants government doctors across country, MCI has finally added word “Rural” along with Remote and difficult for the award of 10, 20, and 30% incentive marks for 1, 2, and 3 years of service.


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The issue started as this. Till a couple years ago in most states there was a 50% reservation of state quota PG seats for doctors who serve at government PHCs and CHCs at remote and difficult areas. This was challenged at UP High Court as unconstitutional because there is no clause of such reservation in MCI acts. So the UP High Court in a ruling scrapped 50% reservation and instead allowed 10, 20, 30% incentive marks for 1, 2, 3 years of service in those remote and difficult areas.

With this order, a number of other state followed the pattern and with or without court cases in these states, the 10 20 30 incentive was initiated. But after the first time this rule applied, it was observed that the selection of in-service:non-service candidates. This again irked non-service pg aspirants, who in turn approached court to give incentive to only those in service pg aspirants who are working in remote and or difficult areas which is as per the MCI act.


Since such court cases, in service pg aspirants have approached Health Ministry to include word “Rural” along with remote and difficult for the grant of incentive marks in PG entrance exams. And finally MCI has amended the rule to include word RURAL in calculation of incentive marks.

This step of MCI may benefit thousands of in service pg aspirants doctors working in govt PHCs and CHCs to get the bonus marks. This notification can be used by in service pg aspirant doctors in their favor, in various court cases by non-service candidates to define remote and difficult areas in their respective states.

Do tell us about the rules in your State.


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