Important signs in OBG (One liners for PGMEE)


These are some of the important signs in OBG, which are frequently asked in various PG entrance exams.

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  • Bagel sign: Ultrasonographic sign. Gestational sac in the adnexa with hyper-echoic rim
  • Ball Sign: Radiological sign of intrauterine fetal death. X-ray shows crumpled up spine of the fetus.
  • Banana Sign: Ultrasound sign in open spina bifida. Shows abnormal anterior curvature of cerebellum. Due to the associated Arnold-Chiari malformation.
  • Chadwick’s Sign: Bluish hue to the vestibule and anterior vaginal wall. Seen in first trimester of pregnancy. Cause is increased blood flow to the pelvic organs. Also known as jacquemier’s Sign.
  • Cullen Sign: Bluish discoloration of skin around umbilicus. Occurs due to intra peritoneal hemorrhage. Seen in ruptured ectopic pregnancy.
  • Double Bubble Sign: Useful in prenatal diagnosis of duodenal atresia. Duodenal atresia usually presents with polyhydramnios and produces dilatation of stomach and first part of duodenu
  • Double decidual sac Sign: Normal Ultrasonographic appearance of intrauterine gestational sac. Seen as two concentric echogenic rings separated by a hyperechoic space.
  • Goodell Sign: Marked softening of the cervix in contrast to non-pregnant state. Also, due to increased blood flo
  • Hegar Sign: An indication of Pregnancy. Softening of the lower parts of the uterus enables approximation of vaginal and abdominal fingers in bimanual pelvic examination. Vaginal fingers are placed in the posterior fornix and abdominal hand pressed down behind the uterus.
  • Kustners Sign: Sign of placental separation. On pushing the uterus upwards does not move the cord with it due to the separation.


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