Avoid Procrastination; Its time to do now!

 Procrastination is like a credit card: it’s a lot of fun until you get the bill – Christopher Parker.


the time is now

Procrastination describes the habit of putting off things or unnecessarily delaying tasks that should be promptly completed. Midway during the preparation, when things start to get boring, we tend to start procrastinating, which unfortunately become a habit and hurts during the final weeks of preparation.

Avoid postponing for tomorrow, what should and can be done today. You may keep putting off revising marked topics, starting some boring subjects (exapmle – for me it would be biochem), review of last test paper, completing last year question papers as scheduled, discussing tough topics with friends, ets ets… Putting off things results in workload mounting, results in unnecessary worry and anxiety. If postponing becomes a habit, try and break it. In doing so, you may consider the reasons for avoiding those tasks, to help find suitable solutions:

  • Tasks not interesting appreciate that not all tasks will be as stimulating or exciting. Some will be boring or daunting, but still have to be completed. Rather than concentrating on how uninspired you will be whilst doing those tasks, try and see how relieved you may feel once they are out of the way.
  • Tasks not rewarding or of minimal value – sometimes you feel that the task is not of much value, like revising the previous test series papers, but think and remember that  something new can be learnt even from the most repetitive task.
  • Tasks not important – all tasks have a relative value, work out what that is.
  • Not sure where to start – break the task down into small segments, small fragments that can easily be tackled.
  • Not sure what to do – many time you may feel lost. In such times dont waste much time figuring out things by yourself. dont hesitate in asking help from your teachers and seniors, ask for guidance.
  • Something else keeps turning up – put such tasks high up on your to-do list and get them done early. Try and complete tasks as soon as you come across them, rather than putting them on the side for later on.

stop procastinating

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