Plan in advance; Think of the future

“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan” – Eleanor Roosevelt


180d9a3Think of the future, and plan in advance. Think of the next day, next week, next month, next year. What tasks need to be accomplished? What deadlines must be met? What personal commitments must be kept and how important are those personal commitments? Time spent in planning is time well spent. Planning in advance will let you get organised, juggle things around, avoid last minute rushes, avoid last
second panics. You may plan as how to tackle the various weak topics on your next revision, interns may plan how to revise for the upcoming exams alongside a busy clinical schedule, You may plan which courses or test series to attend as part of your preparation for final entrance test.
Keep an electronic diary or a notebook, a desk calendar or a wall calendar. Note the various upcoming events as you think of them, as they arise. Mark the deadlines, and set warnings for their approach. This will help you think ahead, get organised, and allow you to put a structure to your future ventures.

It may feel like a big transition from medical college days, when many of the yearly events were scheduled by college, when the deadlines were pre-set and known well in advance. It may seem like a life change from university studies, when the main plans were for attending lectures, studying, and passing exams. Some of your activities may still be scheduled by others, like by your coaching class, your clinical postings.  But at last, you can have more flexibility, more control, more influence, in much of your professional life. You can set your goals and the course for the future. Make the most of this by planning in advance.

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