Abnormal Vaginal Discharge : revision for PGMEE

Abnormal Vaginal discharge short notes for revision for NEET PG.


Characteristics of discharge for important causes of abnormal vaginal discharge

Infective organism Colour Consistency Odour pH (normal 4–4.7) Associated symptoms

Candida albicans White Thick (cream cheese) None 4 Itch, soreness, redness

Trichomonas vaginalis Yellow-green Bubbly, profuse (mucopurulent) Malodorous, fishy 5–6 Soreness

Bacterial vaginosis Grey Watery, profuse, bubbly Malodorous, fishy 5–6 Irritation (sometimes)

Cervicitis Yellow-green (coming from cervix) Thick (mucopurulent) Variable—usually malodorous 4–4.7 Signs of PID


Clue Cells Seen in bacterial Vaginosis


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